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CODE OF CONDUCT ON POLITICO-MILITARY ASPECTS OF SECURITY PREAMBLE The participating States of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe. 0 3 5 $ Munich Personal RePEc Archive Gender wage gap when women are highly inactive: Evidence from repeated imputations with Macedonian data Marjan Petreski and. May Journal of Scientific Psychology 10 The Relationship of Anxiety and Beliefs Toward Aging in Ageism. Nick M. Wisdom. Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs. German Kim, Kazakh national university named after al-Farabi, History Department, Faculty Member. Studies Korean Diaspora in former USSR, Diasporas, and Education. Object Moved This document may be found here.

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  • Skip to navigation. All WP leaders held a presentation on the work done in their particular WP-s and tasks. All relevant questions of the reviewers were discussed and all strenght of the project were presented.

    One of the aims of the conference was to acquaint the political and public sphere with the situation of the Hungarian language apart from the close trade. Therefore we were very honoured to host at the opening ceremony several ministers and state-secretaries, who gave speeches or were represented besides the managers of the CESAR. In the morning section the CESAR project and the situation of technology of the Hungarian language received a leading role.

    The attendances could obtain further information of the researches and works of language and speech technologies, which are currently in progress in Hungary.

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  • Beside the presentations, various demo and poster presentations showed the effort of language technology in Hungary. The conference will collect all relevant stakeholders in the field of Language Technologies in Croatia with invited lecturers from European Commission, Institute for Language and Speech Processing Athens , Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest , as well as domestic experts, policy-makers and industrial partners.

    Further information of the conference can be found here. Professionals of the LT field from Serbia and across Europe showed the extreme importance of the applications of language technologies in our digital era, and presented the state of the art opportunities and challenges in this field.

    The conference was dedicated to the improvement of the project and the META-NET alliance, with aim to present the current situation of the field in Europe.

    The presentations and demonstrations were focused on the importance and broad coverage of the technology support of the Serbian language, while the conference was focused on the promotion of the knowledge about language technology and its possible potential in Europe. Not only presentations, but also demonstrations of the most relevant informatics support of processing of Serbian language were presented to promote the relevance of the language technology and the importance of less used languages in Europe.

    One of the results of the collaborative effort of CESAR partners was the report on language situation of the covered languages, called Languages White Paper published at Springer. A summary of the work done can be found in one of the project deliverables.

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    The promotion campaign of the series has already been started and as a result news were published in central on-line and other media. This bi-annual conference held from 19th to 21st Sept. Language Technology Days intends to promote knowledge about language technology, its potential, but also possible threats accompanied with its development, by gathering experts who will try to answer important questions on the future of language and language processing in a globalized digital information society.

    How does massive digitization of information, knowledge and everyday communication affect our language? Will our language change or even disappear?

    Will Internet always be divided by the languages of its users? Another important topic we intend to cover is a Road Show of European language technology, aiming at presenting state-of-the-art, directions and visions of development of language resources and tools for the common scientific and commercial market.

    Particular attention will be drawn to language technology for Polish by presenting new advances in the field and their application in administration and business as well as involvement of open source and research community in the process of development of language resources. I hope that you will find our proposal worth of notice and you will attend the conference and the follow up discussion please see the preliminary programme of the event in general outline.

    With kind regards, Prof. At the press conference, the invited quests stressed the importance of language technologies in the multilingual European society.

    Возможно ли активировать touch id если поменя кнопку

    The talk by G. On one hand T. National, parallel and several specialized corpora were presented by F.

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    Dimitrova, R. Iomdin, T. Stoykova, M. Rusko, J. Building large corpora and tools for computer lexicography were presented by K. Pala and P. Cartographic processing of the Slavic dialects was introduced by P.

    Kravjar spoke about the national corpus of theses with the system for detecting plagiarism. At the international conference information on the current state of language technologies in Slovakia were provided and new trends and visions of development of language technologies were presented. The experts together with stakeholders and general public shared the latest knowledge and expressed most wanted requirements and co-operative ideas in the respective field.

    This road-show event, organized by CESAR Central and South-East European Resources will be aimed at mobilisation of national industry and research in the field of language technologies.

    We believe the road show is the most appropriate mean of enhancing awareness about the human language technologies in European countries. The conference is aimed at national language corpora, specialised corpora, computational lexicography results, development of corpus construction and usage tools, and natural language processing. The event will bring together different communities — research, business and government, with representatives of research centres, technology, users of language technologies and policy makers responsible for supporting research and innovation.

    This CESAR road-show will summarize the current state of language technology in Slovakia and inform the target audience with the state of art and future natural language processing technologies and tools in the cross-lingual European information society.

    (December 5, 2005)

    During the last 60 years, Europe has become a distinct political and economic structure. Culturally and linguistically it is rich and diverse. Language technology and linguistic research can make a significant contribution to removing the linguistic borders. Combined with intelligent devices and applications, language technology will help Europeans talk and do business together even if they do not speak a common language. The event will inform the participants and general public about the state of Language Technologies for Bulgarian in comparison with other European countires and the importance of multilingual resources and their computer processing for community development, education, business and international relations.

    The event will bring together three communities — research, business and policy — with representatives of research centres, small and large technology corporations, translation services and other users or producers of Language Technology, language communities and societies, and policy makers responsible for supporting research and innovation, economy and ICT. Representatives of large Language Technology users will speak about the benefits of language technology applications, and they will present their show cases and projected future needs.

    If you are interested please fill in the online form. The pieces of information that we particularly need: a short description, the planned action e. The founder of the conference series and also the host of the event is the University of Szeged, Department of Informatics.

    The main aim of the conference is to provide a forum for the presentation of the most recent results and achievements of research and development activities conducted in the field. Apart from delivering the most up-to-date information about the work in Hungarian HLT, the event provides an excellent opportunity to build partnerships and discuss related questions with other professionals in person. Since very beginning the meetings of the LTC series continue to address Human Language Technologies HLT as a challenge for computer science, linguistics and related fields.

    Fostering language technologies and resources remains an important mission in the dynamically changing information-saturated world. Which will be published at the Cordis webpage and also can be found on our webpage.

    For many this meeting was the first time they met their colleagues from other partner organisations in the Network and so, in addition to the agenda items, it proved a useful opportunity to meet each other and discuss current work and new ideas.

    CESAR final project review meeting

    We also engaged in extensive discussions about the forthcoming publication of the Language Whitepapers. Cross language comparison and clustering with respect to tools and resources was the hot topic for discussion here. But thanks to the strong representation from all partners the issues were thrashed out and tough decisions were taken to move the papers forward.

    There were also some lively discussions around the visions presented in the Strategic Research Agenda being drafted by the Technology Council.

    Then followed some discussion on cooperation on horizontal issues across work packages and projects and some closing remarks from Hans Uszkoreit to bring proceedings to a close. The many interactive sessions gave each partner a chance to get involved and help shape the work of the Network and the informal discussions amongst partners helped strengthen the close working relationships in the Network.

    Dusko Vitas gave a talk at 10th National Conference "New Technologies and standards: digitization of national heritage" that took place in Belgrade on the September His talk was about the "Serbian Language and its Resources".

    Dusko Vitas gave a talk at the 41st International Slavistic Conference that took place in Belgrade His talk was about "Language Resources". A more detailed programme of the event can be found here. Promoting the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe, which must be preserved and fostered; 3. On August 24 — September 4 the EUROLAN Summer school , the venue was Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in the heart of Transylvania, provided one week of intensive study of the natural language processing technologies currently under development to support industrial applications.

    Internationally known scholars, researchers with the particular involvement of scientists from the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance — META , as well as industrials involved in leading-edge work in innovative areas of natural language processing gave lectures at the school tutorials, hands-on labs and demos to share with students in-depth understanding and experience.

    The tutorial has given an overview of the finite state linguistic analysis tool NooJ. The system provides a comprehensive linguistic development environment, it has integrated corpus handling facilities, coupled with a morphological lexicon and parsing through a series of cascaded local grammars.

    NooJ language modules minimally, inflecting lexicons and some sample grammars have been developed for a wide variety of languages.

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    Video lectures of the conference can be found at videolectures. Skip to navigation Site Map Accessibility Contact.

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    Search Site only in current section. Advanced Search…. Personal tools Log in. You are here: Home. Project Home. The last awareness raising road-show of the project supporting the results of the LT field will be held by the coordinator of the project in Budapest, on the 18th of January The prestigious event is dedicated to the key players of the Hungarian language technology as well as to promote the outcome of the CESAR project itself.

    Further information of the conference as well as the programme can be found here. Programme of the event. Public annual report. New Technologies and standards: digitization of national heritage. Document Actions Send this Print this. The general objectives of the European Day of Languages are: 1.